The Ancient Story – “Gunung Padang Megalithic Site”

Gunung Padang Megalitic Site

Megalithic site near Karyamukti, Cianjur region of West Java, Indonesia. The largest megalithic site in South-Eastern Asia.

A recent article in the Jakarta Post, stated that a date for parts of the site had been verified by an American University which gave an age of over 10,000yrs. old.

From Wikipedia: Located at 885 metres above sea level, the site covers a hill in a series of terraces bordered by retaining walls of stone that are accessed by successive steps (about 400 andesit steps = 95 metres). It is covered with massive rectangular stones of volcanic origin. Local people consider the place as sacred and believe the site as a result of King Siliwangi attempt to build a palace in one night. The asymmetric Punden Berundak is facing up to northwest, to Mount Gede, meaned constructed for the purpose of worship and built in a position that has been noticed geomantic and astromantic factors. Based on megalith shape the site is built in 1500 years BC.

Read more at Wikipedia



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