Unknown Object On Mars Recently Discovered On Google Mars..!!?

mars object
The video David Martines uploaded to YouTube has been viewed more than 850,000 times. He says the 750′-by-150′ cylinder-like structure that he’s zoomed in on using Google Mars looks like it’s made for people to inhabit. In the video, Martines say he assumes people live in the cylinder or have lived in it.
Some sort of “energy ray from space” that got into the camera? Whatever it is, next time someone stumbles upon something like that, the government will make sure that the photo will be even more blurry or the SWAMP GAS THEORY in action.
We are not gonna speculate but according to a recent Discovery documentary, when asked about whether they gonna notify the public about the discovery of an extra-terrestrial signal, the director of the SETI project said “NO”. He said that they have strict regulations concerning the disclosure of such information to public and a possible mass panic effect if such information reaches Mass Media. Discovery aired the documentary a few weeks ago. Kinda makes you think…………
Some claim that if you find this image right now, it have “mysteriously” become even more blurry and pixelated. By the way, what if it’s just a DEFECT?

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